"Cooper's Random Poetry" by Cooper Brain

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Here I sit, broken hearted
For my sanity and I are dearly departed
Fought, have I, giant space dragons impervious to blasters
Giant bugs, with an even larger master

Flown through debris from friend and foe
Gathered intel, 'cause we always need to know
Crashed, and burned, on a planet covered with snow
Always flying to and fro

Made enemies of races
I always see my victims' faces
Lost many good friends
Was it worth it? Well that depends

Now my own dreams haunt me
Who could believe they things I have seen
Snake infested humanoids with little sense of humor
Infantry commanders who are prosthetic companies best consumers

Pilots flying into the face of death
Just to save someone else from taking their final breath
Infantry troopers holding the line
and stockpiling a lot of wine

Oh the things I have seen
In my days with the Rogues
Here's to more good times
Mixed in with a few bad