"A Fishy History" by Miebar S'Jimbo

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The door opened in front of Miebar, it was his first time joining the other recruits in the mess hall. He walked in cautiously, moving his head from side to side to scan the room throughly.

The room is filled with recruits and higher-ups alike; mostly humans. Already he felt a little out of place, but remembering that this was not a group of Imperials, he tried to shrug off this feeling.

The next thing on Miebar's mind was the absence of even a single empty table. He stood for a moment, unsure of what to do. It is only after a long, one-way staring contest with the room that he made his turn to leave.

Before Miebar could even turn around, a young man came to him from a nearby table.

"You must be new, don't worry you will get to know people soon. You weren't planning on leaving were you?"

Miebar remained silent a moment, not sure what to say. After a moment's thought he responded in his rough voice with, "Yes, I am Crewman Miebar S'Jimbo.. It seems full, I can return another day.."

The man gives that a chuckle before responding. "True, not any room at all. That is, if you want to be alone! Come, sit with us my friend."

S'Jimbo follows this man to a table full of people, and takes a seat. Everyone introduces themselves after he himself is introduced by the young man that found him.

"Glad to have you join us, Crewman.. uh.. Fish!"

"Yeah, Fish, hope you enjoy serving with Rogue Squadron!"

"You are welcome at our table anytime Fish!"

These welcomes, starting with a forgotten name, are the first manifestations of his nickname. Fish. To many this may have seemed offensive, but Fish found it fun and intriguing. It also meant that people didn't have to say his rather difficult name.

This was a happy beginning to his career at Rogue Squadron.