Non-Player Character


Goa'uld Weaponsmith


Status: Killed in 52:3

Species: Goa'uld

Biography: Kathar was a Goa'uld scientist formerly in the service of Ba'al, who was responsible for developing much of the System Lord's advanced technology, including gravity devices and stealth armour.

Following the fall of the System Lords, Kathar became a free agent, continuing his work both for his own use and other clients, including the Triumvirate.

When Rogue Squadron assaulted Kathar's stronghold in an asteroid field, he was forced to flee his base of operations, taking Paz Destra as a host and attempting to capture Hunter. When confronted, he was able to take Nick Fel as a host, escaping the ruined ship.

After months of planning, Kathar struck back at Rogue Squadron using a cloned Nick Fel and a search team taken as Goa'uld hosts to infiltrate the base. While the search team caused diversions, Kathar almost succeeded in destroying Farpoint. While attempting to escape, he was killed by Corry Vrecken.