Non-Player Character
Dana Keller


Dana Keller

Triumvirate Leader


Species: Female Human

Biography: Keller was only a junior officer when the Eighth Imperial Fleet fled into the Unknown Regions, but a combination of attrition in the ranks and calculated ruthlessness allowed her to overcome Imperial prejudice against women and rise to a command position.

By the time Malphuus assumed control of the former Eighth Imperial Fleet, Keller commanded significant loyalty within parts of the fleet. Seeing Malphuus for the fraud he was, she led her faction to form part of the Triumvirate. Keller served as one of its three figureheads, representing the Imperial and Human elements.

After Sobek assumed control of the Triumvirate, Keller grew concerned to learn that he was building a superweapon capable of destroying star systems. Not wishing to see such power in the hands of an alien, she approached Rogue Squadron with a plan to distract Sobek while Rogue Squadron launched a surgical strike to destroy the weapon.

Although the mission was successful, it led to the destruction of much of her fleet and it is unclear whether she survived.