Non-Player Character



System Lord


Status: Prisoner of War since 49:6

Species: Goa'uld/Male Tau'ri

Biography: A minor, disliked, System Lord. Rogue Squadron first encountered him when he appeared over Farpoint offering to help them capture Sobek. Khepri was losing a bitter war against Sobek, and the two had agreed to meet for negotiations.

Unknown to Rogue Squadron, Khepri was working with Sobek to double-cross them. In truth, he double-crossed both Sobek and Rogue Squadron, hoping to wipe them both out at the same time. His plan failed, leading to Sobek's capture and stranding him on P3X-227.

On P3X-227 he installed himself as monarch of one of the planet's warring nations, but was foiled again by Rogue Squadron's interference. He was removed from his host and held in containment.