Non-Player Character
Rilas Polltrok

Rilas Polltrok

Lucian Alliance Agent


Status: Active

Species: Male Goa'uld/Male Tau'ri

Biography: Polltrok was an agent of the Triumvirate, inserted into a naval base in Malphuus's domain posing as an Imperial technical officer.

When the battle for Nemhain began to turn in favour of Rogue Squadron, he claimed to be an NRI agent and assisted Republic troops in recapturing the ship. Once the ship was in his control, Polltrok double-crossed his 'allies' and attempted to escape with the ship. When the ship was again recaptured by Rogue Squadron, he fled the battle in a starfighter, but not before stealing and destroying intelligence about Project Starthrust.

Polltrok has been encountered leading Triumvirate forces on several occasions since, including on Shedyet and Keshmar.

Following the destruction of much of the Triumvirate over Krialon, Polltrok found his way into the service of the Lucian Alliance, presumably hiding his true identity as a Goa'uld. In this role, he led the siege of Eden and spearheaded the boarding of Hunter. When the assault on Eden began in ernest, he allied himself with the Dukhang twins Giselle and Odette in an attempt to secure the planet's Dukhang breeding facility for himself. Although he is known to have escaped the planet, his whereabouts are unknown.

Service Record
Lucian Alliance Agent
Triumvirate Agent