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Blaine Averre

First Lieutenant

Blaine Averre

1A/1 Platoon Commander

Character Profile

Species: Male Human
Homeworld: Dahvil

Description: Average height, possessing decent musculature. Red hair, blue eyes, face has a few scattered freckles. One faded scar on his left cheek, several blaster and knife scars on his torso.

Biography: Although Blaine's homeworld of Dahvil was occupied by the Empire, his life was not harshly affected by Imperial rule. However, his father made a stand against the Empire on principle and joined the Rebel Alliance. At the time, Blaine was only a young child; he barely knew his father. A year later, Blaine's father was killed at Hoth, serving as one of the ground-based soldiers. Blaine joined the military mostly because of losing his father, expecting to face the Empire.

Blaine's military career didn't quite start off as planned, however. Instead of helping to push back the forces of the Imperial Remnant he was shipped off to the secret base at Farpoint. He arrived there just in time to land in the middle of the Dukhang campaign.

He was originally posted to Squad 1-2A/1 and fought in the First and Second Battles of Watchpoint Beta, and was eventually promoted to Corporal in the reformed Red Squad, 2A/1. He then participated in the capture of the Imperial Union frigate Outlander, and the First Battle of Shedyet. After the success of the mission to Shedyet he was given a surprise promotion to Sergeant, in command of Red Squad. He was initially reluctant but accepted it with Hudson's advice.

The Second Battle of Shedyet was Blaine's first mission in command of his squad, and it went poorly for him. While attempting to defend Colonel Vrecken, he was badly injured and branded by Nefru. Casualties among his squad and Dukhang hostages left him having nightmares.

He then participated in the Battle of Kalaxh, the climactic battle of the Dukhang Campaign. Half of Red Squad perished, but the failsafe virus against the Dukhang was deployed and several hostages were rescued. Still, Blaine's execution of a Dukhang prisoner meant he walked away with yet another scar.

Several months later Blaine was working on the reconstruction of Shedyet when Triumvirate forces attacked, triggering the Third Battle of Shedyet. Blaine led a force of speeder bikes to cover evacuating civilians, fighting a hit-and-run campaign through the city streets before uniting with the Admiral and heading to the Warrens. When the group was captured by the local militia, Blaine feigned a betrayal in order to give the group a chance to escape, and then went on to be a part of the fighting that eventually drove the Triumvirate forces off. After the battle he was promoted to Second Lieutenant for his actions and given command of 1A/1 Platoon.

"The First and Foremost" served with distinction under Blaine's command at the Battle of Keshmar and the Battle at Kathar's Base, rescuing Keshmari hostages and crippling droid fighters by taking out their control center respectively. His actions during the latter battle earned him a commendation. Having the medal pinned to his pillow made his time in the infirmary after losing a hand-to-hand fight against Kathar a little easier to take.

Blaine was in the thick of things the night Kathar led a team of infested Elite Company troopers into Farpoint. Despite the successes of that night, the whole incident was a negative. Corry Vrecken's 'betrayal' while acting under orders was taken more personally than it probably should have been, and by the end of the night their friendship was in tatters. TAG/Alpha Company relations were hampered for a time as a result.

Blaine finally got leave back to Dahvil, visiting his sister and mother to work out some issues and relieve some stress. By the time he returned to Farpoint he no longer bore Nefru's brand. For a time he kept on the fringes of the action, quietly drilling his troops, maintaining discrete contact with certain TAG members, and sharing several cups of caf with a member of Hunter's engineering crew.

Eventually Blaine returned to the front line as the conflict with Sobek, the Triumvirate, and the Union came to its explosive conclusion. Blaine led elements of First Platoon through the running blasterfight of Veritas Base and led the entire platoon during the Lucian Alliance Shipyard raid.

The renewed offensive ended in an overwhelming victory at the Battle of Krialon, which found Blaine leading First Platoon's element of the infiltration team before knocking out the base's shields, calling in an orbital bombardment, and trying his hand at so-called 'piloting' during an extraction.

With the majority of Farpoint's enemies quite possibly taken out of the running for good, Blaine was left wondering what the future would hold.

Blaine cut his teeth during the Dukhang Crisis, and it shaped him into the officer he's become: ferocious in combat, doggedly loyal and devoted to his comrades, and possessed of a very forward personality that leaves him with an unfortunate habit of voicing his opinion when he'd be better off keeping quiet and calming down first. Although he has settled into the soldier's life and buried most of his demons over the years the challenges of command keep him busy, and the lives he is responsible for weigh on him at times. He's somewhat infamous for being wounded, taking damage during First Watchpoint Beta, Outlander's capture, Second and Third Shedyet, Kalaxh, and Kathar's Base. He's gotten used to being an officer, although he misses his squad commander days.

Service Record
First Lieutenant
1A/1 Platoon Commander
Second Lieutenant
Red Squad Commander, 2A/1 Platoon
Red Squad Soldier, 2A/1 Platoon
1-2A/1 Squad Soldier