Non-Player Character


Dukhang Orphan


Status: Active

Species: Female Dukhang
Homeworld: Shedyet

Description: Dukhang female with long dark hair and large liquid eyes. She had an easy smile and a very inquisitive mind.

Biography: As newborns, Giselle and her sister Odette were taken from Shedyet by Corry Vrecken. They were raised on Farpoint for a short period, in which they aged rapidly into adolescents.

Giselle's strengths included a gregarious nature and a quick understanding of medical procedures. She was known to be fascinated by the daily test that were run on the two girls, including a somewhat grisly fascination with the drawing of her own blood.

Although his duties and a natural suspicion of the Dukhang limited his contact with them, both girls regarded Captain Sinclair with respect. Giselle went a step further and seemed to place Sinclair in a father figure role, although Corry never told him about the girl's feelings.

During the Battle of Kalaxh, Giselle treated Captain Sinclair's wounds and then aided other injured members of the bridge crew, displaying the poise and skill of a woman three times her age.

Shortly before the battle, both girls had begun to exhibit signs of genetic memory. These memories apparently surfaced fully during the battle and following the release of Sobek's failsafe virus at Kalaxh, the girls escaped when their escort was injured by Dukhang boarders.

Several years later, the twins were discovered ruling Eden, a seemingly peaceful colony. In truth, the colony was built over an abandoned Dukhang breeding facility, which the twins intended to use to create a new Dukhang race, using Corry as their template. The facility was ultimately destroyed and both twins escaped, although seemingly hadn't abandoned their vision.