Non-Player Character


Crown Princess


Status: Prisoner of War since 51:2

Species: Goa'uld

Biography: Nefru was the heir to Sobek's domain, although few new of her existence. For her own safety, her true role was a closely guarded secret and even Sobek's closest allies were allowed to believe she was a minor intendant overseeing Shedyet, an unimportant world.

When Sobek was captured and his domain fell to Malphuus, Nefru vanished. Choosing to destroy the galaxy rather than see her inheritance overrun, she released the Dukhang warriors which she had engineered for Sobek, leading them in a rampage across the Imperial Union.

When Rogue Squadron eventually learned of her role, they returned to Shedyet to capture her, with the reluctant assistance of Sobek himself. Unwilling to let his domain fall to the Dukhang, Sobek attempted to kill his daughter when he realised her intentions. Although her host perished, her symbiote was captured and held in containment.